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Bow Wow Bubbles” Testimonials

I have been getting baths with BowWow Bubbles for almost a year now, and I love it.  My owner bathes me in Clear Creek in downtown Golden, Colorado.  Because of the all natural ingredients in BowWow Bubbles, we don’t get any nasty looks from the passer-bys.

Being a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, I love to swim.  Chesapeakes like me have an oily coat that helps repel water and dry me off quicker.  BowWow Bubbles is a very mild soap which does not jeopardize the integrity of my oily coat. Most importantly, the citronella essential oil helps keep the bugs at bay! – Rowan, Colorado

Well, good morning, good afternoon, good evening! My name is Oscar, and I was born in England and first raised by monks.  I have very discerning taste, as you might imagine.  When Tom brought me my Bow Wow Bubbles as a gift I cautiously sniffed at and eyed it suspiciously.  That is, until my first bath which was an experience akin to a most luxurious Roman bath!!!  Thank you for changing my life! Cheerio. – Oscar, Ohio

Soap and Aromatherapy Mist Testimonials

I have used several of the LilyPad soaps and love them! My favorite is the peppermint soap which leaves the skin feeling very refreshed and good smelling. The rosemary soap is a close second. – Meredith, Colorado

These products are just lovely! I am currently working through my first order from LilyPad. My mornings are normally hectic and rushed and all it takes is a quick rinse with the mild milk soap and a spritz of aromatherapy mist to center my mind, relax, and set myself up for an enjoyable day. – Kirsten, Colorado

My grandaughter had some pretty bad acne on her forehead and the lavender tea tree soap worked very well to clear it up. – Felicia, Colorado

Heather makes every bar of her amazing soap by hand and will also make a custom scent for you, although I’m more than happy with the Lemongrass and Lavender Tea Tree scents that my whole family uses. I also love the aromatherapy mists that she makes for freshening up a room or to use instead of perfume. She only uses natural and organic ingredients so her products are safe to use on anyone, even the most sensitive skin types. I love the Lilypad!! Katie, Colorado

Moisturizer/Massage Oil Testimonials

Please take a look at The LilyPad Herbals & Gifts! It’s a friend of mine’s business and her stuff is awesome!! It’s the ONLY stuff that’s been able to get rid of Sam’s dry dry skin. The “Tadpole Moisturizer” is the best!! – Erin, Colorado

Gift Set Comments

Cute presentation…think (the recipient) will really enjoy her treat.  -Cara, Idaho

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3 Responses to Customer Testimonials

  1. Susan says:

    I’m so happy to learn that your soaps are 100% biodegradable! I’ve been looking for soaps that are backcountry friendly, smell awesome, but also moisturizes and won’t dry my skin out on long backpacking and rafting trips in dry climates. The Mountain Breeze soap is now officially perfect! Thank you to The Lilypad for looking out for the environment but also my skin ~ Susan, Silver Trees Adventures

  2. Sheila Cassil says:

    I love your goat milk soap. I picked one up at the Denver Urban Homestead location and went back the following week to get more. Today I treated myself to your Tadpole massage oil.
    Will more goat milk soap options/ flavors be available at the Denver Urban Homestead?

    I love that I do not need to use lotion daily even in the arid climate of Colorado.
    My husband and daughter are now loyal to your products too.
    Thank you for all of your hard work. Your Mother would be proud.

    Sheila Cassil

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Sheila! So glad you enjoy our products. I am busy making lots of soap for the holiday season, so keep checking out our shop or come see us in Denver! Please feel free to email us too with any scent suggestions or wishes! Heather

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